Communication and Collaboration Tools

As digitally nomadic entrepreneurs, we use all the web applications below religiously to run our various project.  Without these web applications, we literally would not be able to operate our circus … err, we mean business the way we do now. 🙂

Do you loathe conference calls as much as we do? We literally use GoToMeeting 10 times a day to eliminate the hassle of coordinating meetings and presentations with staff and partners that are never in the same place. It’s given us the ability to easily communicate with clients and team members on four different continents. And more importantly, it’s given AJ the chance to have client meetings in his boxers while eating cheerios. GoToMeeting is also the awesome company that powers the Workshifting blog we all love so much.

Are you stuck in the stone age of emailing back and forth the newest versions of docs between your team? Box.net introduced us to the cloud based revolution a couple years ago. Since then, we house all of our business content with them. With Box, you can easily and securely share and collaborate on all of your business content is a super duper easy to use web interface. Plus, it plays nice with a litany of other cloud based applications. In short, if Box.net went away tomorrow, we’d throw ourselves off of a building.

MailChimp Logo

If you don’t do email marketing, you are crazy. And if you do email marketing and don’t use Mailchimp, you are even crazier. Mailchimp takes all the complexity and need for design skills out of the email marketing equation. They have unbelievable accounts packed full of features, starting at our favorite price, FREE!! Also, if you are a blogger, we just started using their RSS to Email feature and it has completely changed the way we connect with our readers and community. Plus they have the coolest chimp logo on the web. 🙂