Sneak Peak

sneak peak

Extended Village is a social digital experiment in partnership with Global Hope Network International to help make a big world just a little smaller by using digital technologies to connect the world.  We will be educating and working with tribal leaders and local staff in two African rural villages (in Kenya and Ethiopia) on the use of new media and cloud based technologies to empower them to tell their own story and connect with the world in new ways.

  • Kari Lobsinger

    It’s just not fair how many cool ideas you guys come up with!

  • ajleon

    Thanks Chica 🙂

  • Janet Stollery

    Sounds wonderful, AJ. I hope the project is an amazing success, but of course it will be, no question! Love and best wishes to you both, Janet xx

  • ajleon

    Thanks, Janet! 🙂