Gambella, the Example Village

Today we visited the village of Gambella.  Gambella is a village that GHNI started working with three years ago.  This village is very important because it sets the scene for the work that will be done in the next three years at Ola Nagele.  A brief history of Gambella and their accomplishments thus far … three years ago the children in the village attended school under a tree.  People lived in little circular huts made of grass, they were drinking water from the same river as the camels drink, they had no way of making money for themselves, the child mortality rate was ridiculously high and the overall sentiment of the people was that of a forgotten people.

AJ talked with Jeff Power about the changes that have taken place in the Gambella village.

We then talked to Jeff about the school in the village that started out underneath a tree and now is comprised of 7 classrooms, a cafeteria, dormitories for teachers (would had to walk 32 kilometers a day to teach the children), a brand new office for the principal and teachers and a flag pole that was put up this morning with a brightly waving Kenyan flag.

  • John Falchetto

    I read about Lara Logan and I dispair about humanity then I come here and you lighten up my day AJ. Mel and AJ thanks for bringing this great work to light. Going abroad shouldn’t be about collecting countries like trophies or photos of beaches, this is what it is all about.
    You guys rock!

  • ajleon

    Thank you, Jon. We truly appreciate the kind words and support. From a world away it’s nice to think that your peeps are cheering you on. 🙂

  • John Falchetto

    Cheering, shouting, jumping! 🙂