Gambella Clinic

About 30 minutes outside the town of Isiolo is a great village that has been through almost three years of amazing transformational community development.  They are the model village for three new villages Global Hope Network International is working with now: Ola Nagele, Shambani and Bulesa Dima.  I will introduce you all to Shambani in the next post, they are a village that is going to do big things.

But back to Gambella.  One of the remaining things in Gambella that needed to be taken care of is their clinic.  GHNI built a clinic with Gambella quite a while ago but the government has not sanctioned it as a certified health center because of the lack of a main water line running into the clinic.  So last week we worked with a bunch of young men from Gambella to dig a trench, lay pipe from their main water source to clinic and build a structure for the water tank to sit.  Now that the water situation is fixed the government will now be able to start sending out a nurse once a week to the village.