Clean Water in Ola Nagele

This was supposed to be posted yesterday night, but the internet went down because of the heat, so here it goes.

Pipes for Ola Nagele's Clean Water  by melissaleon, on Flickr

Today over 1 kilometers of pipe was laid down to provide clean water to the people in Ola Nagele.  Previous to today they had to walk 3 kilometers to get water.  But now in the middle of the Ola Nagele village there is clean, fresh water.  It was an amazing day, about 20 men from the village came out to dig the trench for the piping that GHNI purchased, such a great partnership where the village is just as invested as the org.  Work started early in the morning and didn’t finish until the late afternoon, but it was well worth it!  It is hard for me to explain the grandeur of today’s happenings, take a look at this recap video below.

  • Moptopp

    I defy anybody not to smile when they watch that clip! Brilliant guys.

  • ajleon

    Thank you, Jane!

  • ajleon

    Thanks Arianne! Yes, GHNI works on Health with the village as well. 🙂

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