Progress on the Latrine


In Garmaam village this week we have been working with them on building a public latrine for their village to cut down on disease from having the use the bush around their village.  Here is a little recap of how much the village has been able to do in these few short days.

You can watch this video on youtube.

Cloud Computing & Africa

Dino (in the Philippines) fixing Habiba's Computer (in Kenya)

In Kenya we spent a good amount of time with Wubshet and Habiba, the two local leaders on the ground for Gambella, Ola Nagele, Shambani and Bulesa Dima to talk about how simple online tools can make their lives a lot easier. The first thing we did was clean Habiba’s computer, we used GoTo MyPC with our super smart technical guy, Dino and he cleaned all the viruses and old files that had accumulated on the computer for the past couple years.  They also had another computer that was being fixed in Nairobi, it had crashed and Habiba was very upset because she lost all her important files.  Enter,

We started off explaining to Habiba how works and the ability it gives you to store your files in the cloud.  AJ explained that once your files are in the cloud they are not in danger when your computer crashes.  AJ showed Habiba how to make a voice update on the mobile app and Habiba’s eyes just lite up.  She was explaining to us how much easier it will be to send regular updates on the village’s progress.

We also talked with Habiba about the village blog and how many, many people are able to receive updates into their email every time they post to the Ola Nagele village blog.  Mailchimp’s RSS to email feature makes it possible for people to receive every blog post in their email and follow the story of the village’s transformation.

AJ explaining Mailchimp RSS to Email

We ended the day by having a GoTo Meeting with the new HD Faces to talk with our staff and Whubshet about how to use GoTo Meeting to make meetings easier.  We showed him the functionality to share his screen while using HD Faces to see all the people on the call.  It was quite a unique experience.  Both Wubshet and Habiba are familiar with Skype but they were both very excited about being able to review village reports and other documents on their screen with other staff at GHNI and still be able to see everyone’s face.

GoTo Meeting with HD Faces GoTo Meeting with HD Faces

I’m excited to see how these tools will continue to make the field staff’s communication easier and more efficient while at the same time using these tools to connect the developing world with the developed world.

Gambella Clinic

About 30 minutes outside the town of Isiolo is a great village that has been through almost three years of amazing transformational community development.  They are the model village for three new villages Global Hope Network International is working with now: Ola Nagele, Shambani and Bulesa Dima.  I will introduce you all to Shambani in the next post, they are a village that is going to do big things.

But back to Gambella.  One of the remaining things in Gambella that needed to be taken care of is their clinic.  GHNI built a clinic with Gambella quite a while ago but the government has not sanctioned it as a certified health center because of the lack of a main water line running into the clinic.  So last week we worked with a bunch of young men from Gambella to dig a trench, lay pipe from their main water source to clinic and build a structure for the water tank to sit.  Now that the water situation is fixed the government will now be able to start sending out a nurse once a week to the village.

Clean Water in Ola Nagele

This was supposed to be posted yesterday night, but the internet went down because of the heat, so here it goes.

Pipes for Ola Nagele's Clean Water  by melissaleon, on Flickr

Today over 1 kilometers of pipe was laid down to provide clean water to the people in Ola Nagele.  Previous to today they had to walk 3 kilometers to get water.  But now in the middle of the Ola Nagele village there is clean, fresh water.  It was an amazing day, about 20 men from the village came out to dig the trench for the piping that GHNI purchased, such a great partnership where the village is just as invested as the org.  Work started early in the morning and didn’t finish until the late afternoon, but it was well worth it!  It is hard for me to explain the grandeur of today’s happenings, take a look at this recap video below.

Welcome to Ola Nagele

Early Sunday morning we drove north from Nairobi to Isiolo to visit a new village that GHNI is working with called Ola Nagele. They greeted us with dancing and singing followed by speeches from the village leaders and a delicious goat dinner.

DSC07347 DSC07322 DSC07328

I really enjoyed meeting the village.  The best part of the afternoon was hearing the village leaders talk to their people about how important it is that they change and work hard to get a school for their children to learn and get clean water to drink.  Tomorrow we will be going back to the village to help lay day a kilometer of pipe in the village to deliver clean drinking water.  But that’s no the best part, for the past couple days the village has been digging the trench for the pipes then we will come with the pipes and put them together today.  It is a true partnership between GHNI and the village.  I will be shooting up pictures and hopefully video (depending on 3g access) on the village blog,

Here is a little video to recap the afternoon.  If you cannot see the video you can watch it here on youtube.